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N.C. League of Municipalities' Drought Legislation Implementation Information Guide

Non-essential water use definition for N.C. Government Agencies and Universities.

Drought conditions in your area

Looks can be deceiving. Although our planet seems full of water, only 2.5 percent is freshwater. And only one quarter of that 2.5 percent is available to us for consumption and use, the rest is in the form of glacial ice and snow. Put another way, if all the Earth’s water was in an 18-liter water cooler bottle, the available freshwater would only fill three teaspoons.

Over the last few years in North Carolina, we have begun to experience growing pressure on our water resources. The state’s rapidly increasing population in some areas, paired with persistently below average rainfall, continue to intensify the issue.

Water has historically been an under-valued and under-priced resource, despite being absolutely critical to our survival. But more and more, we are seeing the importance of water and possibilities for conservation.

On these pages you can find great examples of what your fellow agencies and universities are doing to use water wisely, as well as the Long-term Water Efficiency Plan Guide. The guide is a series of tools to aid your agency in developing your water plan. A sample plan is also provided.

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